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Our Products

Do you sell CDs? What do you sell?

No. We do not sell Vinyl or CD albums or singles.

We sell sheet music, books about music, instruments, and other accessories for musicians. Our sheet music catalogue includes classical and pop music, tuition books and backing tracks, and music for schools.

I can't find it, does that mean you don't have it?

No, not necessarily. Read our pages on search methods and tips and effective browsing

Hiring orchestral or choral parts

If you run an orchestra, choir or other musical group and need to hire parts for works we don't stock for sale, try the Chester-Novello website.

Your Account

Set up an account

You don't need to set up an account with Musicroom until you actually buy something. To set up an account without purchasing, visit the Account Page You can personalise the site to your individual tastes, manage your address book, view the status of your recent orders and more.

Change newsletter subscription details

To remove an email address from our mailing list, you can use the link at the bottom of the last newsletter you received.

If your email address has changed, unsubscribe your old address as above, then add your new email address using the Subscription Form on the site.

Website Problems

Can't see anything in my basket or at the checkout

In order for the basket and checkout process to work, your browser must be set up to accept cookies. Follow the relevant path below to check this:

Internet Explorer version 6
Tools Internet Options Privacy Advanced

Internet Explorer version 5
Tools Internet Options Security Custom Level

Internet Explorer version 4
View Internet Options Advanced

Netscape Navigator
Edit PreferencesAdvanced

If changing your cookie settings doesn't work, re-set them to default.

Cookies are tiny files that Musicroom sends to your browser and are stored on your computer. They enable the site keep track of the contents of your shopping basket and your currency preferences, so that we know who you are and what you're ordering. They are completely harmless.

If this does not resolve the problem, go back to the page from which you added the product to your basket and check that the web address in your browser's address bar starts http://www.musicroom.com.au. If it does not, then replace the address with http://www.musicroom.com.au and start again.

Can't see/hear the video/audio samples

The product pages for some of our videos and DVDs, and sheet music books which include CDs, feature audio or video samples to allow you to see or hear a bit before you buy. If they don't work, you will need to download and install RealPlayer.

To play RealPlayer media files from our site, after installing Real Player it is sometimes necessary to make an adjustment under Tools > Preferences > Content > Media Types > Advanced, under Other Media > Real Time Streaming Protocol (towards the bottom of the scroll window, 6th item down). This is sometimes set to none depending on the configuration options one selects when installing RealPlayer. Tick the box to associate Real-Time Streaming Protocol with RealPlayer. Our RealMedia samples should then stream successfully. If the above-mentioned box is not ticked then your browser will show a "Page cannot be displayed" error.

Payment, Shipping and Charges

Payment methods we accept

Musicroom Australia accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal.

Ordering/Payment Offline

Offline Payment is not available at Musicroom Australia.

GST and sales tax

From 31st March 2015, the catalogue available from Musicroom Australia is held in and ships from the Musicroom warehouse in the United KIngdom, and is therefore not subject to GST. Products shipped overseas may be liable to a local sales tax which is your liability.

Getting an invoice or receipt for files

You can go to Order Tracking and print a copy of your Order Summary page if you need something for your records. You will need your email address and Musicroom password in order to log in.

Order Problems

Declined order

  • Card Refused: Some card-issuers are very strict with internet card use. If you don't make online purchases at this sort of site very often they sometimes refuse the transaction, even if there are funds available. If you have checked your details and they are all correct, we suggest you contact your card-issuer and ask them to authorise the transaction, then try your order again.
  • Authorisation Call: Sometimes the card issuer wants us to verify the transaction by telephone. Obviously, as an online merchant we cannot do this. You will need to contact them and ask them to authorise it, then try again.
  • Inconsistencies In Your Details: We employ strict safety checks. Sometimes your transaction may be authorised, but your order is still be held up at the last stage, because of a discrepancy in your details. Please contact us to verify your order.

Alternatively, you may have filled in some of your details incorrectly. Check the following details and try again:

  • Invalid email address: We need a valid email address from you in order to inform you of your order's progress. It must contain one "@" symbol.
  • Credit Card Details: Check that you've entered the same name and number as appear on your card. Make sure you do enter the correct expiry date and Card Security Number

Try your details again. If your order is still declined, phone 01284 725 725.

My order has gone wrong! Can I get a refund?

You may not need to: Although our processing system checks and clears your card when you enter your details, we do not actually charge your card until after your order has been sent out. Be sure to contact us as soon as possible so we can cancel the order before it is sent.

If your order has not gone through, or has been declined, then you will not be charged for it.

If you have made a duplicate order by mistake, contact us and we will cancel it for you.

Order hasn't arrived

Check our Order Status page (you will need the email address and password you used to set up your account):

If it says Completed then we have sent it out - check with your local sorting office to see if they have it.

If it says Processing then we may be waiting for more stock - email orders@musicroom.com.au to find out.

Only received part of an order

We are waiting for more copies of one of the titles you ordered. We have sent you most of your order, and will send the rest on as soon as it arrives. Your card will not be charged until everything you ordered has been shipped.