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Musicroom.com - User Survey
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3. How would you rate your level of Internet experience?
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5. The website is easy to use.
6. Navigating from one area to another is easy on this web site.
7. You can find what you want on this web site easily.
8. The organization of information on the website is clear.
9. Whenever I make a mistake using the website, I can recover quickly and easily.
10. This web site is attractive.
11. I can effectively buy products using this website.
12. The website loaded quickly.
13. I found the Checkout/order processing well laid out and easy to follow.
14. The search was fast and accurate.
15. Overall, I am satisfied with this system.

16. What is your first impression of the site?
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19. What improvement would make the site better?
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21. What is your overall impression of the site?
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