Installing Scorch


Sibelius Scorch is being replaced with the new Avid viewer, which provides more features and does not require a web browser plugin to be installed to use it.

Sibelius Scorch is an internet plugin that requires installation. 

We only make available Scorch-format scores available for Internet Explorer 11 or below. All other browsers can use the Avid viewer, which requires no installation.

Most modern browsers no longer support Sibelius Scorch. You can still use Scorch to display digtal sheet music at if you use

  • Internet Explorer 11 or lower (32 bit version only)
  • Windows 7 or lower.

You can download Scorch for Internet Explorer 11 from the Avid web site.

All other browsers and operating systems can use the Avid viewer, which requires no installation.

If you have purchased digital sheet music without installing Scorch first and you are using Internet Explorer 11, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Access your Account

To begin please click on the ‘Sign-in / Your Account’ link at the top of every page and select Sign-In, or if you are already signed-in click ‘Your Account’.

Once signed into your account, you can see your most recent digital sheet music purchases at the bottom of the Account page. To start the Scorch installation process, click on the song title.


Step 2: Install Scorch

On the digital product details page, Internet Explorer will try to install Scorch. You may see a message like the one below before this happens. Click 'Show all content'.


At the bottom of the page Internet Explorer will display the message shown below. Click 'Install'.


When the installation window appears click 'Next'. 


For the License Agreement select ‘I Agree’ and then click ‘Next’. 


You can choose where to save the program, if you are happy with the default setting click ‘Next’.


To confirm the installation click ‘Next’. 


To complete the installation click ‘Close’. 


On the digital sheet music page within Your Account, you will see various buttons on a toolbar above the music; these allow you to play back the music, transpose and print. A description for each button is shown below. Please note that not all titles are interactive, but all can be printed. 


Google Chrome stopped supporting the Sibelius Scorch plugin from version 42+.

If you have previously been using Scorch with Google Chrome, you can now use the Avid viewer.