Ton Van Bergeyk: Lulu's Back In Town - Hot Guitar Solos


Artist: Ton Van Bergeyk
Format: Audio / Video | Recorded Performance
Ton Van Bergeyk is a guitarist's guitarist. That is not to say that his playing is at all over-technical or hard for non-guitarists to appreciate. To the contrary, his music is quite direct and engaging. Ton has absorbed elements of a great many widely varied guitar stylists and is himself already a major influence among younger players.The present release evinces his still widening tastes and abilities, including modern jazz, blues, contemporary pop, more swing tunes and even Mexican serenadas. The range of guitar styles and sounds (Ton uses a nylon-strung as well as a steel here) is extraordinary and makes for great listening.
Published on: 13 January 2011
Language: English
Catalogue No: SGGW140