Stan Applebaum: Bach Simple Style

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Publisher: G. Schirmer
Author: Stan Applebaum
Format: Sheet Music | Instrumental Album

For various reasons, many students discontinue the study of Piano long before they have learned some of the great Piano literature. Years later, they often regret that they stopped studying when they did.

Teachers, aware that they will lose many of their students prematurely, try to develop in them, as quickly as possible, a taste for 'good music'. This includes the study of Bach. The majority of Bach's works are difficult, however, and demand a high level of musicianship to perform them. To make these advanced works accessible to the beginning student, concessions have to be made.

With this in mind, Bach Music Simple Style was devised.

Time signatures and note values have been altered, tied notes have been eliminated where the tie would not be missed, embellishments have been written out (and occassionally deleted), and, in one instance, a key has been changed. The aim, which was simplification, has resulted in a method for reading and learning a difficult work.

Preceding each simplification is an excerpt from the original composition, merely to show its complexity. This is followed by historical information and suggestions for performance as well as prepatory study. In addition, to assist the student in memorising each work, a page called "Your Memory Bank" follows each composition. This page highlights measures that provide clues for the student along the way. If desired, he may include additional clue notes to assist him. For the enterprising student, once the compositions have been memorised, completing the notation of the missing measures will be a valuable learning experience.

Stan Applebaum

No of pages: 40
Language: English
Catalogue No: HL50007520

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