George Grove: Beethoven And His Nine Symphonies

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Publisher: Dover Publications
Author: George Grove
Format: Books | Reference
This classic of music analysis by a noted musicologist offers revealing insights into Beethoven's personality and music. George Grove, the founding editor of Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians, interweaves fascinating background information on the composer's historical era with quotations, letters, and anecdotes. He examines the nine symphonies in chronological order, movement by movement, illustrating his points with numerous excerpts — more than 400 in all.

In addition to emphasizing the uniqueness of Beethoven's music and its iconoclastic renunciation of established musical theory, Grove comments at length on the relation of the symphonies to the minor works, events in the composer's personal life, the conditions under which he worked, and other fascinating details. Examples of Beethoven's correspondence include several letters to the Countess Theresa and the famous letter to his brothers Carl and Johann.

Reprint of the Novello, Ewer and Company, 1898 edition.
ISBN: 9780486203348
Published on: 12 December 2012
No of pages: 416
Language: English
Catalogue No: 0486203344

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