A Concise History of the Electric Guitar

Books | Guitar

Author: Adrian Ingram
Series: Concise
Format: Books | History
A Concise History of the Electric Guitar by Adrian Ingram, one of the world's leading jazz guitar experts, charts the exciting history of the electric guitar from the early decades of the 20th century to the present day. The author covers the entire range of styles and personalities whose impact shaped the destiny of the guitar and made this varied and versatile instrument the predominant factor in so much popular music. Intended for the general public, music students, and, of course, all guitar players, this book combines scholarly research and an intimate knowledge of the music business with a unique awareness of the history of the instrument, pickups, amplifiers and technical innovations of all kinds. Thus the work provides not only a concise history of the electric guitar in all its aspects but also a clear statement of trends and developments of some of the most significant popular music of recent decades.
ISBN: 9780786649822
Published on: 01 August 2001
No of pages: 112
Language: English
Catalogue No: MLB98417

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