Jim Dunlop: MXR M237 DC Brick Power Supply

| Guitar

Publisher: Westside
With twice the juice of the original DC Brick, the MXR M237 Power Supply will keep all of your pedals powered for as long as you need them. You won't have to worry about failing batteries or short circuits with the peace of mind that this will give you.

Featuring all of the short circuit and overload protection of its predecessor, but being able to handle twice the power, you can now use virtually any combination of effects pedals and never have to worry. Each of the eight 9V outputs features a red light that will illuminate if there is a short, allowing you to quickly solve any power issues that may arise. The MXR M237 also boasts two 18V outputs. 

Obviously this item also comes with the AC adapter included, as well as all the cables that you'll need to connect your pedals.
Published on: 12 December 2018
Language: English
Catalogue No: JDM237

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