Gary Dixon: 50 Guitar Accompaniments For Beginners (Book/CD/DVD)

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Author: Gary Dixon
Format: Sheet Music | Instrumental Album

This method features 50 simple accompaniments for all Guitar players, especially the beginners who will find material that they will be able to enjoy without delay! These accompaniments, that can be played either on an acoustic or an electric Guitar, cover many different styles (folk, pop, rock, blues, bossa nova...) and playing techniques (arpeggios in finger picking, arpeggios with a pluck, strumming, hammer-on...).

Inspired by the greatest Guitar players, these 50 accompaniments will help you refine your sense of rhythm and feel comfortable with your instrument. The video DVD allows you to hear and see these 50 accompaniments, giving you the opportunity to execute the good moves, pick the right fingerings and to be rhythmically accurate! The mp3 CD contains as many tracks as there are accompaniments, that is 50 play-along tracks featuring two different tempos: the objective tempo (normal) and the practice tempo (slow). On the normal tempo track, the Guitar plays over the first cycle and is mute hereafter to let you take the place ! Finally, these tracks have a deliberately long duration (3 to 4 minutes each, more than 5 hours of music then!) to give you time to practise in the best possible conditions.

Skill Level: Beginner Explain this
Published on: 09 August 2018
Language: English
Catalogue No: ME0262