Phillips: Sight-Read Any Rhythm Instantly For All Instruments


Author: Mark Phillips
Format: Books | Theory
If you would like to look at a complicated rhythmic figure and instantly know how it sounds, then this book is for you. The only way to sight-read rhythms fluently is to think not in terms of how long notes last, but in terms of what rhythmic sound might occur within each beat. This book shows you how to memorise the sound of each of the various combinations of notes that commonly occur within one beat. If you think in terms of beats, you can sight-read rhythms successfully because the beat remains constant. You'll discover the difference between duple and triple time, simple and compound time, and how to instantly play odd groupings.
ISBN: 9781575605159
Published on: 03 September 2002
No of pages: 58
Language: English
Catalogue No: HL02500457