Thomas Pasatieri: The Goose Girl (Vocal Score)

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Publisher: G. Schirmer
Composer: Thomas Pasatieri
Format: Sheet Music | Vocal Work
This is billed as 'an opera for children of all ages'. It is best suited to being performed by adults or teenagers to younger children, as the vocal parts are quite challenging yet the story, taken from a Grimm fairy tale, is simple and childlike. Limited vocal and instrumental forces are employed, making it ideal for amateur dramatic groups on a tight budget!

The story is that the Princess of a small kingdom leaves home to be married to the Prince of the next kingdom, taking with her an attendant (the Waiting-Woman), a magic cloth with three wishes and Falada the talking horse. On the road, the attendant steals the magic cloth and wishes herself Princess; when they arrive at the Kingdom she is betrothed to the Prince - much against his will, as she is old and complaining - while the Princess is put to work as a goose-girl and Falada's head is cut off. Still able to speak, he and the Princess complain of their fate and are overheard by the good King, who steals the cloth back from the Waiting-Woman and marries the Prince and Princess happily to each other. The last wishes are used to bring the Princess's mother to the wedding and to put Falada back together, then cookies are passed to the cast and audience.

This is the Schirmer edition of the Vocal Score and is in English only.
No of pages: 72
Language: English
Catalogue No: GS33874