Piano Mastery - The Harriette Brower Interviews

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Publisher: Dover Publications
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This a collection of interviews with the world's best pianists, given between 1915 and 1926. Here in one remarkable volume, with extracts from Piano Mastery (1915), Piano Mastery, Second Series (1917), and Modern Masters of the Keyboard (1926), are the thoughts, musical insights, and invariable practical advice of a host of world-class musicians at the height of their careers, recorded in their own words in separate interviews. Ignacy Paderewski talks about the correct motion of fingers and forearm in his new Methode, and Josef Hofmann talks about the role of inspiration in Piano playing.

Interviews from Piano Mastery [1915]:
  • Ignace Paderewski
  • Wilhelm Bachaus- Technical Problems Discussed
  • Harold Bauer- The Question of Piano Tone
  • Hans Von Bulow- As Teacher and Interpreter
  • Ferrucio Busoni- An Artist at Home
  • Teresa Carreno- Early Technical Training
  • Ossip Gabrilowitsch- Characteristic Touch on the Piano
  • Rudolph Ganz- Conserving Energy in Piano Practice
  • Katharine Goodson- An Artist at Home
  • Mark Hambourg- Form, Technic, and Expression
  • Ethel Leginska- Relaxation on the Keynote of Modern Piano Playing
  • William Mason- Hints on Interpretation
  • Tobias Matthay- Watching the Artist Teacher at Work
  • Raoul Pugno- A Visit to Raoul Pugno
  • Ernest Schelling- The Hand of a Pianist
  • William H. Sherwood- Hints on Interpretation
  • Sigismond Stojowski- Mind in Piano Study
  • Bertha Fiering Tapper- Mastering Pianistic Problems

Interviews from Piano Mastery, Second Series [1917]
  • Mrs H. H. A (Amy) Beach- How a Composer Works
  • Leopold Godowsky- The Laws Governing Technic and Interpretation
  • Percy Grainger- Freedom of Thought in Piano Study
  • Josef Hofmann- Inspiration in Piano Playing
  • Rafael Joseffy- By Some of His Pupils
  • Edward MacDowell- Related by Mrs Edward MacDowell
  • Guiomar Novaes- The Gift of Music
  • Leo Ornstein- Sanity in Music Study
  • Martinus Sieveking- The Dead Weight Principle
  • Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Virgil- The Necessity of a Thorough Foundation

Interviews from Modern Masters of the Keyboard [1926]
  • Alexander Brailowsky- Thought and Feeling in Piano Playing
  • Alfred Cortot- Practical Aspects of Modern Piano Study
  • Erno Von Dohnanyi- Techincal Material Discussed
  • Ignaz Friedman- Self-Development a Necessity for the Pianist
  • Walter Gieseking- Relaxation a Prime Essential
  • Myra Hess- Glimpses of Present-day Piano Study
  • Wanda Landowska- The Charms of Old Music
  • Benno Moiseiwitsch- The Study and Art of Piano Playing
  • Vladimir de Pachmann- A Distinctive Method of Piano Playing
  • Sergei Prokofiev- Futurism in Music
  • Sergei Rachmaninov- Serious Piano Practise a Necessity in America
  • Moritz Rosethal- Building a Concert Technic
  • Alexander Siloti- Glimpses of Rubinstein and Liszt
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Published on: 22 October 2003
No of pages: 276
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